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Undergraduate Catalog 2016-2017


Committee on Academic Procedures and Standards
Approved December 7, 1989

The following policies apply to all undergraduate degree programs terminated at the University of Maryland at College Park at the beginning of the Spring, 1990 Semester and thereafter.

1. All students enrolled at the University of Maryland, College Park or at a Maryland community college program articulated with the terminated degree program during the semester in which the program is terminated must complete the major requirements of the terminated degree program within five calendar years of the date upon which the program is terminated. If only a few students are enrolled in a terminated program, a shorter time limit may be imposed based on a study of the academic records of all students enrolled in the program. If a shorter time period is imposed, all students enrolled in the program will be notified of its length.
2. Students who, prior to the termination date had been enrolled in the terminated program or a Maryland community college articulated with the terminated program, but who subsequently interrupt their studies at the University of Maryland, College Park or the community college for one or more semesters will be allowed to enter or re-enter the program only if a careful analysis of their records by the appropriate dean indicates they will be able to complete the major requirements of the terminated program within the remaining time period specified.

3. When a program is terminated the University of Maryland, College Park will make a good faith effort to notify those students who had interrupted their studies in that program. As part of that good faith effort, the University of Maryland at College Park will publish in its re-enrollment forms, catalogues, and schedules of classes a statement advising returning students that programs may have been terminated and that the student needs to check the current status of the program.
4. At the end of the time period specified for completion of major requirements after the termination date of the program, the relevant department or college will evaluate the records of each student enrolled in the program for fulfillment of departmental major requirements and will notify students whether they have completed these requirements. Such notice shall be in writing and sent to the student's last known addresses.

5. When a degree program is terminated, the university will send notification of the time limit for completion of the major requirements to all students enrolled in the program at that time. It will also attempt to send notification to students who interrupted their studies while enrolled in the program in the preceding three years, insofar as such students can reasonably be identified. This notification will be sent to the students' last known addresses on file with the university. Such notifications also will be sent to the Maryland community colleges having programs articulated with the terminated program.

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