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Undergraduate Catalog 2016-2017


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Financial Services Center

Mandatory Fees

Student Fees: The mandatory fee assessment for undergraduate students is based on a number of requested credit hours as follows: Students registered for 9 or more credits: $933* per semester; students registered for 8 or fewer credits: $433* per semester.

*estimated amount; for more information, see  http://bursar.umd.edu/t_ug1617.php .

Student Activities Fee (Refundable): Charged to all undergraduate students at the request of the Student Government Association. It is used in sponsoring various student activities, student publications, and cultural programs.

Auxiliary Facilities Fee (Refundable): Charged to all students. This fee is paid into a fund that is used for capital improvement, expansion, and construction of various campus facilities such as open recreation areas (tennis courts, basketball courts, etc.), transportation alternatives, and the Stamp Student Union. These projects are not funded or are funded only in part from other sources.

Athletic Fee (Refundable): Charged to all students for the support of the Department of Intercollegiate Athletics. All students are encouraged to participate in all of the activities of this department or to attend the contests if they do not participate.

Shuttle Bus Fee (Refundable): Charged to all students for the support of the shuttle bus transportation system.

Stamp Student Union and Recreational Fee (Refundable): Charged to all students and is used to expand recreational facilities and the Stamp Student Union services.

Recreation Services Fee (Refundable): Charged to all students specifically to support the construction and operation of Ritchie Coliseum and the Campus Recreation Center, a multi-use facility that includes basketball and racquetball courts, indoor and outdoor pools, an indoor jogging track, and multipurpose activity spaces.

Performing Arts and Cultural Center Fee: Charged to all students to support the operation of the Clarice Smith Performing Arts Center.

Telecommunications Fee: Assessed to all students living in university residence halls.

Technology Fee: Charged to undergraduate students, to support the improvement of the computer systems on campus.

Other Fees

Undergraduate Application Fee: A non-refundable fee of $65 is charged to all new applicants.

Enrollment Confirmation Deposit:  All newly admitted undergraduate students who intend to matriculate in the Fall or Spring semester must submit a non-refundable $400 deposit, which is credited to their tuition charges when they enroll. Should the student decide not to enroll for the specific semester of application, the $400 deposit is forfeited and cannot be used to offset any charges, including orientation charges, the student may incur.

Students admitted for the Fall semester must submit this deposit by May 1 or within 30 days from their date of admission, whichever is later, to reserve their place in the entering class. Students admitted for the Spring semester must submit this deposit by December 1 or within 14 days of their date of admission, whichever is later, to reserve their place in the entering class.

Pre-College Orientation Program Registration Fee: $160 Freshmen (two-day program), $101 Transfer (one-day program), $60.00 Parent (per person).

Late Registration Fee:  All students are expected to complete their registration on the regular registration days. Those who do not complete their registration during the prescribed days must pay a $20 late registration fee.

Special Fee for students requiring additional preparation in Mathematics (MATH003, 010, 011, 013 and 015) per semester:  A fee of $280 is required of students whose curriculum calls for MATH110 or 115 and who do not pass the qualifying examination for these courses. This Special Math Fee is in addition to course charge. Students enrolled in this course and concurrently enrolled for nine or more credit hours will be considered as full-time students for purposes of assessing fees.

Cooperative Education in Liberal Arts, Business, and Science
(UNIV098-099) Per Semester: $60

Engineering COOP Program (ENCO098-099) Per Semester: $60

Other Special Fees: The University offers a number of courses (MBA, ENTS, Chemical and Life Sciences, Animal Sciences) that have special course fees in addition to, or in lieu of, the standard tuition charges. Students are encouraged to contact the department prior to registering for the class to determine the total cost of the course.

Fees for Auditors: Fees for auditors and courses taken for audit are the same as those charged for courses taken for credit at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. Audited credit hours will be added to hours taken for credit to determine full-time or part-time status for fee assessment purposes. Special Students are assessed fees in accordance with the schedule for the comparable undergraduate or graduate classification.

Special Examination Fee (Credit-by-Exam): $30 per course for all undergraduates and full-time graduate students; credit-hour charge for part-time graduate students.

Parking Registration Fees: All students enrolled in classes at the university and who drive or park a vehicle anywhere or anytime on the campus must register to park on campus each academic year. For additional information, please refer to Department of Transportation Services.

Textbooks and Supplies: Textbooks and classroom supplies vary with the course pursued, but averaged $1130 in 2015-2016 (two semesters).

Service Charges for Dishonored Checks: Payable for each check which is returned unpaid by the drawee bank on initial presentation because of insufficient funds, payment stopped, post-dating, drawn against uncollected items, etc.

                For checks up to $100: $10

                For checks from $100.01 to $500: $25

                For checks over $500: $50

When a check is returned unpaid, the student must redeem the check and pay any outstanding balance in the account within 10 days or late fees may be assessed and the account transferred to the Central Collection Unit for legal follow-up. Additionally, a minimum 17% collection charge is added to the charges posted to the student's account at the time the transfer is made. When a check is returned unpaid due to an error made by the student's bank, the student must obtain a letter from the branch manager of the bank or a person of equivalent status admitting the error. This letter must be submitted to the Office of the Bursar to have the service charge waived.

Overdue Library Charges: For items from the library's main circulating collections, charges are .50 cents per day per item, and recalled item fines are $2 per day. If an item is lost or mutilated, the borrower is charged the estimated cost of the item plus a processing fee to cover acquisition and cataloging costs. Different fine rates may apply to other library collections, such as reserve collections.

Maryland English Institute Fee: Semi-intensive, $3,406.00. Intensive, $5,972.00. Students enrolled with the Maryland English Institute pay this fee in support of the Institute. Students enrolled in the semi-intensive program may also enroll for regular academic courses and pay the tuition and fees associated with those offerings. The program also offers non-credit courses in American English Pronunciation (UMEI 006) for $943.00 and Fluency Program or Advanced Writing (UMEI007, 008) for $1,253.00. These charges are subject to change.

Property Damage Charge: Students will be charged for damage to property or equipment. When responsibility for the damage can be fixed, the individual student will be billed for it; when responsibility cannot be fixed, the cost of repairing the damage or replacing equipment will be prorated among the individuals involved.

Late Payment Fee: Per-semester fee of 5% for past due amount, or $10, whichever is greater, plus an additional 1.5% on each subsequent billing.

Withdrawal and Refund of Fees: Students compelled to leave the university at any time during the academic year should meet with their academic college advising office and secure a form for withdrawal. The completed form and identification card are to be submitted to the academic college advising office which will communicate results to the Office of the Registrar. Students will forfeit their right to a refund if the withdrawal action described above is not adhered to. The effective date used in computing refunds is the date the withdrawal form is filed in the academic college advising office. Stop payment on a check, failure to pay the semester bill, or failure to attend classes does not constitute withdrawal. Refund requests should be processed by students with the Office of the Bursar otherwise, any credit on the student account could be carried over to the next semester. If a Cancellation of Registration is submitted to the Office of the Registrar before the official first day of classes the student is entitled to a full credit of semester tuition.

Undergraduate students withdrawing from the university will be credited for tuition and fees in accordance with the following schedule:

Prior to 1st day of classes 


1st 10 days of classes


3rd week


4th week


5th week


After 5th week

No refund

Note:  First-semester freshmen who receive Title IV aid and who withdraw will receive a refund in accordance with federal regulations.

Prior to the first day of classes, if full-time undergraduates drop a course or courses, thereby changing the total number of credits for which they are registered to 11 or fewer, charges for the semester will be assessed on the basis of the per-credit-hour fee for part-time students. However, if students later add a course or courses thereby changing the total number of credits for which they are registered to 12 or more, they will be billed for the difference between per-credit-hour fees paid and the general fees for full-time undergraduates.

If during the first five days of classes full-time undergraduates drop a course or courses thereby changing the total number of credits for which they are registered to 11 or fewer, charges for the semester will be assessed on the basis of part-time charges plus 20% of the difference between the full-time fees and appropriate part-time charges. After the first five days of classes, there is no refund for changing from full-time to part-time status. Students who register as part-time undergraduate students and apply for a refund for courses dropped during the first week of classes will be given an 80% refund. No refund will be made for courses dropped thereafter.

No part of the charges for room and board is refundable except when students officially withdraw from the university or when they are given permission by the appropriate officials of the university to move from the residence halls and/or to discontinue dining hall privileges. In these cases, the room refund will be computed by multiplying the number of periods remaining by the pro rata weekly rate after adjusting for a service charge. Refunds to students having full board contracts will be calculated in a similar manner. No room and/or board refunds will be made after the 14th week of the semester. Students are reminded that reservations for room and board must be canceled by the date published in the residence hall and dining services agreement(s).

In computing refunds to students who have received the benefit of scholarships and loans from university funds, the computation will be made to return the maximum amount to the scholarship and loan accounts without loss to the university.     

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