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Undergraduate Catalog 2016-2017


Residency Reclassification Services, 1130 Clarence M. Mitchell Jr. Building
Phone: 301-314-9596; Fax: 301-314-7915
E-mail: resclass@umd.edu

Petitions, related documents and questions concerning the Board of Regents Policy on Student Classification for Admission and Tuition Purposes should be directed to Residency Reclassification Services in the Office of the Registrar.

Determination of In-State Status for Admission and Tuition Purposes: See www.usmd.edu/regents/bylaws/SectionVIII/viii270r.pdf for the complete text of this policy.

An initial determination of in-state status will be made by the Office of Undergraduate Admissions at the time a students' application for admission is considered. The determination made at that time, and any determination made thereafter, shall prevail in each semester until the determination is successfully challenged. Students may challenge their classification by submitting a timely petition to Residency Reclassification Services. Determinations are based on the residency policy and requirements. The deadline for submitting a complete petition along with all supporting documents, is the first day of the semester in which the student wishes to be classified as in-state.

The volume of requests for reclassification may necessitate a delay in completing the review process. A decision in each case will be made within 60 days of receipt of a complete petition and all required documentation. During this period of time, or any further period of time required by the university, any fees and charges based on the previous determination must be paid. The student is solely responsible for any late charges incurred by the residency process. If the determination is changed, any excess fees and charges will be refunded.

Students classified as in-state for admission and tuition purposes are responsible for notifying Residency Reclassification Services in writing within 15 days of any change in their circumstances that might in any way affect their classification at the University of Maryland.

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