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Undergraduate Catalog 2016-2017

Transportation Services

Regents Drive Garage
301-314-PARK (x47275)

Please consider walking, biking, car sharing/carpooling, and riding Shuttle-UM as alternatives to driving alone to campus.

The Shuttle-UM transit system, operated by the Department of Trans­portation Services (DOTS), is predominantly supported by student fees.  Shuttle-UM provides commuter, evening, NITE Ride, paratransit, and charter services to university students, faculty, and staff while classes are in session. DOTS publishes a Campus Connections transit guide each semester.  Campus Connections guides contain all of our current bus schedules as well as general information about getting around in the D.C. Metro area.  Campus Connections guides are available at the DOTS office in Regents Drive Garage, The Stamp Information Desk, residence halls, and on the DOTS website.  More information about Shuttle-UM is available online at:   www.transportation.umd.edu/shuttle.html .  

Zipcar is a membership-based car sharing system available on the UMD campus for UMD students as young as 18 years old.  Car sharing is a great option for students who may only need occasional access to a car on campus.  Zipcar fees include gasoline and insurance.  For more information about becoming a Zipcar member, please visit www.transportation.umd.edu/share.html .

The University of Maryland has been designated a Gold Level Bicycle Friendly Campus by the League of American Bicyclists. bikeUMD is a full service campus bike program that is a collaboration between Campus Recreation Services, Campus Police Department, and the Department of Facilities Management. We offer clinics, discounted safety gear, sponsored events, rides, and bicycle registration.  bikeUMD also collaborates with the Campus Bike Shop, which offers free bike maintenance and bike rentals for just $75/semester.  For more information about biking, please visit www.transportation.umd.edu/bike.html .

Students who wish to park on campus must register to do so online before bringing a car to campus.  Student parking registration takes place online in July (annual or fall-only parking) and in January (for the spring term).  Parking registrations are billed to student accounts after the semester has begun or can be paid by credit/debit card.  Parking is assigned on a first come, first served basis according to credit level and housing status.  Overnight parking is only permitted for resident students, faculty, and staff with the exception of exam weeks, university breaks, and closures. Please note: Due to campus projects, the number of parking spaces could be dramatically reduced in the upcoming semesters. Freshmen and sophomores living on campus are eligible to register for parking, but may not be in future years.  For more information about student parking, please visit the DOTS website www.transportation.umd.edu/student.html . For a full list of parking rules, fines, and fees please read our parking regulations  http://dots.umd.edu/images/parking/PDFs/parking_regulations.pdf .

Transportation to New York, New Jersey, and BWI Airport
DOTS provides transportation for UMD students to and from Port Authority, New York, Metropark, New Jersey, and BWI Airport for Thanksgiving, Winter, and Spring Breaks.  Shuttle service to NY/NJ is $60 round trip or $35 one way; shuttle service to BWI Airport is free.  Registration dates and departure times are posted to the DOTS website at least one month before the trips depart. 

Motorized Scooters
Parking registration is required for any motorized scooter parked on campus.  Motorized scooter drivers are also required to wear a helmet while operating or riding on a scooter.  Any motorized scooter left unattended in an area not designated for scooter or motorcycle parking is subject to immobilization.  Please visit the DOTS website for more information about motorized scooters www.transportation.umd.edu/scooter.html . For a map of existing motorized scooter parking locations, visit the DOTS website at: www.transportation.umd.edu/maps.html

Social Media
While the DOTS website is the best place to get information about DOTS services, we also maintain Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram pages for real-time interaction with the UMD community.  We bring news, contests, giveaways, relevant programming, and information about campus events to students via the @DOTS_UMD and @Shuttle_UM Twitter accounts, bikeUMD and DOTS UMD Facebook pages, and @DOTS_UMD on Instagram.

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