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Undergraduate Catalog 2016-2017

Registering for Classes

Office of the Registrar
Clarence M. Mitchell Jr. Building, 301-314-8240

To attend classes at the University of Maryland, it is necessary to process an official registration. Specific registration dates and instructions are available on www.registrar.umd.edu .

Newly admitted students are required to attend an orientation session (see Chapter 3 for Orientation information). Advising and course registration are part of the orientation process. All newly admitted students must meet with an advisor prior to registration. Likewise, newly admitted freshmen and transfer students are required to provide proof of immunization for measles, rubella, mumps and tetanus/diphtheria. Additionally, Maryland law requires residence hall students to either provide proof of vaccination against meningococcal disease or seek an exemption from this requirement.  For more information, see: www.president.umd.edu/administration/policies/section-v-student-affairs/v-100h .

Registration Process: Currently enrolled undergraduate students are invited to early registration by appointment. Students can register at, or any time after, their assigned registration appointment date and time. Registration appointments for the Fall semester begin in April, and appointments for the Spring semester begin in late October. Registration can be processed on Testudo ( www.testudo.umd.edu/ ) or in person. Open registration follows early registration, and continues up to the first day of classes. During this time, students may process an original registration or make schedule adjustments. The schedule adjustment period begins on the first day of classes. All registration transactions, either on-line or in person, are final unless a student processes a cancellation of registration.

Registration information for Summer Term, Winter Term, Freshmen Connection, and Professional Programs may be found at www.oes.umd.edu .

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