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Undergraduate Catalog 2016-2017

Degree Requirements

The requirements for graduation vary according to the character of work in the different colleges, schools, departments and academic units. It is the responsibility of the colleges, schools, departments and other academic units to establish and publish clearly defined degree requirements. Responsibility for knowing and meeting all degree requirements for graduation in any curriculum rests with the student. Specific degree requirements are listed in this catalog under the college and/or department as appropriate.

Each student should check with the proper academic authorities no later than the close of the junior year to ascertain his or her standing with respect to advancement toward a degree. For this purpose, each student should be sure to review their semester grades and unofficial transcript on the Testudo website ( www.testudo.umd.edu ) at the close of each semester or request a semester grade report.

1. Residency Requirement

a.  All candidates for undergraduate degrees from the University of Maryland, College Park, must take a minimum of 15 credits in courses numbered 300 or above, including at least 12 credits in the major field.
b.  All candidates for undergraduate degrees from the University of Maryland, College Park must take a minimum of 30 credits in residence. Normally these 30 credits will be the final 30 credits counted toward the degree. However, credits from University-approved study abroad and internship programs, and a maximum of 6 credits that are not part of such programs, may be included in the final 30 if approved in advance by the dean of the academic unit from which the student expects to receive the degree.

2. Enrollment in Majors

A student who is eligible to remain at the University of Maryland, College Park, may transfer among curricula, colleges, or other academic units except where limitations on enrollments have been approved. By the time they complete 60 credits, students are expected to declare a degree-granting major. Students must be enrolled in the major program from which they plan to graduate, when registering for the final fifteen hours of the baccalaureate program. This requirement also applies to the third year of the combined, pre-professional degree programs. Also see information on double majors and double degrees elsewhere in this chapter.

3. Credit Requirements

No baccalaureate degree will be awarded in instances where fewer than 120 credit hours have been earned. Many undergraduate curricula at the University of Maryland, College Park, require more than 120 credits. It is the responsibility of each student to familiarize himself or herself with the requirements of particular curricula. The student is urged to seek advice on these matters from the departments, colleges, or the Office of the Dean for Undergraduate Studies. To earn a baccalaureate from the University of Maryland, College Park, a minimum of 30 credits must be taken in residence (see above).

4. Grade Point Average

A minimum cumulative 2.0 grade point average is required for graduation in all curricula. A higher average may be required by the individual department, college, school, or program.

Students who matriculated to the University in Fall 2012 and after must have a minimum "C" (2.00) cumulative grade point average across all courses used to satisfy major degree requirements, minor requirements, and undergraduate certificate requirements, respectively. Individual department, college, school, or program requirements may exceed this minimum.

5. Completion of Interrupted Degree
Students whose registration at the University of Maryland, College Park, has lapsed for more than 10 years shall be required to complete a minimum of 15 credit hours at College Park after their return to campus in order to earn a baccalaureate degree.

Recommendations about courses needed to satisfy the remaining degree requirements will be made at the department level, with approval of the Dean's Office required. The reason for requiring these credits is that many fields change sufficiently in 10 years to require that students take current courses if they are to be awarded a current degree. Exceptions to the requirement for a minimum of 15 credits earned at College Park upon return to the campus can be recommended by the Deans for approval in the Office of the Vice President for Academic Affairs.

(Policy can be found here: www.president.umd.edu/administration/policies/section-iii-academic-affairs/iii-700a )

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