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Undergraduate Catalog 2016-2017

Student Conduct

The primary purpose for the imposition of discipline in the university setting is to protect the campus community. Consistent with that purpose, reasonable efforts are also made to foster the personal and social development of those students who are held accountable for violations of university regulations. Compared to disciplinary systems at many universities, University of Maryland students are given unusual authority and responsibility for management of the campus process. Membership on the student judiciary is an extraordinary educational experience, and opportunity to be of service to the community, and a personal honor.

Cases that may result in suspension or expulsion are heard by conduct boards, comprised entirely of students. In such cases, students are accorded substantial procedural protections, including an opportunity for a hearing and an appeal. Less serious cases are resolved in disciplinary conferences conducted by University staff members. Acts of violence, intimidation, disruption, or rioting; substantial theft or vandalism; fraud or forgery; use or distribution of illegal drugs; are forms of misconduct that most frequently result in dismissal from the University. Students accused of violating University disciplinary regulations are encouraged to discuss the allegations with their parents or guardians, legal counsel, and with appropriate university staff members.

Prohibited Conduct

A complete list of conduct considered prohibited as well procedures for resolving allegations of misconduct may be found in the Code of Student Conduct at www.president.umd.edu/policies or through the Office of Student Conduct website at www.studentconduct.umd.edu .
The following is general notice of what constitutes prohibited conduct and is subject to disciplinary action:

  • Use, possession or storage of any weapon
  • Causing physical harm or apprehension of harm
  • Initiating or causing to be initiated a false report, warning or threat of fire, explosion or other emergency
  • A criminal offense committed off-campus
  • Violating the terms of any disciplinary sanction
  • Misusing or damaging fire safety equipment
  • Distribution or possession for purposes of distribution of any illegal drug
  • Furnishing false information to the University
  • Making, possessing, or using any forged, altered, or falsified instrument of identification
  • Interfering with the freedom of expression of others
  • Theft of property or of services; possession of stolen property
  • Destroying or damaging the property of others
  • Engaging in disorderly or disruptive conduct
  • Failure to comply with the directions of university officials
  • Use or possession of any illegal drug or controlled substances
  • Use or possession of fireworks
  • Use or possession of any alcoholic beverage under the age of 21 or providing alcoholic beverages to a person known to be under the age of 21
  • Violation of published university regulations or policies including the residence hall contract, as well as those regulations relating to entry and use of University facilities, sale of alcoholic beverages, use of vehicles and amplifying equipment, campus demonstrations, misuse of identification cards, sexual misconduct, hazing, acceptable use, and parking regulations.

Note: This Code does not apply to student sexual misconduct. The policy and procedures applicable to student sexual misconduct is VI-1.60(A) University of Maryland Sexual Misconduct Policy & Procedures at www.president.umd.edu/administration/policies/section-vi-general-administration/vi-160a-0 .

Note: Effective April 2006, students who violate the following section will be dismissed from the University:

Rioting, assault, theft, vandalism, fire-setting, or other serious misconduct related to a University-sponsored event, occurring on- or off-campus, that results in harm to persons or property or otherwise poses a threat to the stability of the campus or campus community may result in disciplinary action regardless of the existence, status, or outcome of any criminal charges in a court of law related to misconduct associated with a university-sponsored event.

For more information regarding student conduct issues, contact the Office of Student Conduct at
301-314-8204 or visit www.studentconduct.umd.edu .

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