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Undergraduate Catalog 2016-2017

College Park Scholars Program (CPSP)

1125 Cumberland Hall, 301-314-2777

Executive Director: Marilee Lindemann, PhD

College Park Scholars is a nationally acclaimed living and learning program that offers outstanding students the interpersonal benefits of a small college paired with the intellectual advantages of a major research university. Each of its 12, two-year programs for freshmen and sophomores provides a close-knit community and a challenging, interdisciplinary academic experience. Students attend weekly, faculty-led colloquia that encourage active discussion and debate. Other courses in the curriculum satisfy General Education requirements. In the second semester of their sophomore year, students choose from independent research, service-learning projects, or internships -- both on- and off-campus -- to satisfy their Scholars practicum requirement.

The Programs' focus on community offers many advantages. Program faculty maintain offices in Cambridge Community residence halls which facilitates meeting with students. Several program faculty lead study-abroad experiences during the winter term or summer semester. Living together in the residence halls helps students form study groups for common courses. Scholars also engage with guest speakers and have the opportunity to continue conversations outside the classroom. Program directors encourage students to pursue leadership opportunities in co-curricular activities, design and implement community service and social events, participate in mentoring programs ( http://scholars.umd.edu/student-life/student-groups/peer-mentors ), recruitment activities ( http://scholars.umd.edu/student-life/student-groups/scholars-ambassadors )  or serve on the Student Advisory Board ( http://scholars.umd.edu/student-life/student-groups/student-advisory-board ).

Upon successful completion of the program, students earn an academic Citation (requirements vary by program, http://scholars.umd.edu/citation-requirements ).  In their junior year, students are encouraged to build on their Scholars experiences by participating in departmental honors programs and other research and internship opportunities.

Admission to College Park Scholars is selective and by invitation. Upon invitation to College Park Scholars, students indicate their preference from the following programs:

Arts ( www.scholars.umd.edu/programs/arts )

Business, Society and the Economy ( www.scholars.umd.edu/programs/bse )

Environment, Technology and Economy ( www.scholars.umd.edu/programs/ete )

Global Public Health ( www.scholars.umd.edu/programs/gph )

International Studies ( www.scholars.umd.edu/programs/is )

Justice and Legal Thought ( www.scholars.umd.edu/programs/jlt )

Life Sciences ( www.scholars.umd.edu/programs/ls )

Media, Self and Society ( www.scholars.umd.edu/programs/mss )

Public Leadership ( www.scholars.umd.edu/programs/pl )

Science and Global Change ( www.scholars.umd.edu/programs/sgc )

Science, Discovery and the Universe ( www.scholars.umd.edu/programs/sdu )

Science, Technology and Society ( www.scholars.umd.edu/programs/sts )

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