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Undergraduate Catalog 2016-2017

Army Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC)

1150 Cole Student Activities Building, 301-314-9939

Director: Lieutenant Colonel Curtis Burrell

The Army Reserve Officer Training Corps offers students the opportunity to develop leadership skills plus earn a commission as a Second Lieutenant in the United States Army (Active, Reserve, or National Guard) while completing their undergraduate degree.

Four-Year Program

The four-year program is composed of the Basic Leadership Course and the Advanced Leadership Course. The first two years (Basic Course) consists of a general introduction to military customs and courtesy, soldier skills, communication skills, personal development, and introductory leadership skills.  Students enrolled in the basic course incur no obligation and may discontinue the program at any time. In the final two years (Advanced Course), students concentrate on developing leadership skills in organizations. Students must have permission of the Director of Army ROTC to enroll in the advanced course. The Advanced Course requires four weeks of field training at Fort Knox, Kentucky the summer after their junior year.

Two-Year Program

The two-year program is available to students with two years remaining in their university studies. The academic requirements for this program are identical to the Advanced Course in the four-year program, and students are eligible to receive the same benefits. Prerequisites for the Advanced Course must be fulfilled prior to enrollment. The following options exist to help students fulfill Basic Course requirements before enrolling in the Advanced Course: 

1.  Leadership Training Course (LTC): Students may attend a five week adventure challenge course at Fort Knox, Kentucky. Students should start the application process for this option no later than January of their sophomore year.

2.  Veterans: Students with prior military service.

3.  Basic Training: Constructive credit will be awarded for students who have completed Basic Training prior to starting their junior year.  

4.  Reserve Duty: Students serving in the Reserves or National Guard Training prior to entering their junior year or starting a graduate program.

5.  JROTC: Students who completed 3-4 years of JROTC in High School.

6.  Service Academy or Senior ROTC: Two year attendance at a service academy or successful completion of two years in a sister service Senior ROTC training can qualify for constructive credit. 

Scholarships and Incentives

Army ROTC Scholarships are available for four, three or two years on a competitive basis. The scholarships are based solely on merit, not financial need. Scholarship awardees may apply benefits for either Room and Board or Tuition and Mandatory Fees. An additional book allowance ($1,200 a year) and a non-taxable monthly stipend ranging from $300-$500 based on academic year is extended to students.

Army ROTC students/cadets may compete for summer training opportunities to include Airborne, Air Assault, Sapper School, Combat Diver Qualification, or Northern Warfare Training during the summer and winter breaks. Additionally, students/cadets may compete for summer abroad opportunities.  Previous Army ROTC cadets have completed summer abroad in Brazil, Greece, India, Morocco, Panama, Slovakia, and Estonia (to name a few).   


Basic Leadership Course
Freshman Year: ARMY106 (Fall) ARMY105 (Spring)
Sophomore Year: ARMY201 (Fall) ARMY202 (Spring)

Advanced Leadership Course
Junior Year: ARMY301 (Fall) ARMY302 (Spring)
Senior Year: ARMY401 (Fall) ARMY402 (Spring)

The Freshman and Sophomore level classes are open to any student for credit:  ARMY106, 105, 201, 202, whether or not he or she is considered a cadet in the Army ROTC program. The Junior and Senior levels are restricted to "Cadet" status only (ARMY301, 302, 401 and 402). Contact Army ROTC for further information.

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