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Undergraduate Catalog 2016-2017

Biological Sciences

The Universities at Shady Grove, Building 2, room 4082, 301-738-6007

The Major

Biological Sciences at the University of Maryland at the Universities at Shady Grove

The Biological Sciences Program at the University of Maryland offers a degree program in Physiology and Neurobiology (PHNB) at the Universities at Shady Grove.  The Biological Sciences Program at Shady Grove offers the Advanced Program courses normally taken in the junior and senior years.

All Biological Sciences majors complete a common sequence of introductory and supporting courses referred to as the Basic Program. For students matriculating at the Universities at Shady Grove most of these introductory and supporting courses are taken at a community college or at another four-year institution prior to admission to the Biological Sciences Program.  Depending on space available, students who matriculated at College Park may transfer to the Shady Grove Program in their junior year, where they may complete the Advanced Program in Physiology and Neurobiology.

Requirements for the Biological Sciences Major in Physiology and Neurobiology (PHNB) at Shady Grove

Courses equivalent to these to be taken at an institution that offers lower level course work

I.  General Education Program Requirements

II. Basic Program in Biological Sciences



Principles of Molecular and Cellular Biology and Lab




Principles of Ecology and Evolution and Lab




General Microbiology




Principles of Genetics


MATH130 or 


Calculus for Life Sciences I or




Calculus I                                                 


MATH131 or


Calculus for Life Sciences II or




Calculus II




General Chemistry I  w/Lab




General Chemistry II w/Lab




Organic Chemistry II  w/ Lab




General Chemistry   II  w/ Lab


 * CHEM272 Bioanalytical Chemistry Lab is not offered at most institutions. Students accepted into the UMCP Shady Grove Biological Sciences may substitute a General Chemistry II Lab for this course

III. Courses taken at the Universities at Shady Grove



Fundamentals of Physics for Life Sciences I





Fundamentals of Physics for Life Sciences II





Advanced Program in Physiology and Neurobiology    


 27 minimum







                 Total credits required to graduate




Advising is mandatory during each pre-registration period for all Biological Sciences majors. Advising for students interested in or enrolled in the Shady Grove Program is available from the Director.  Call 301-738-6007 for an advising appointment.

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