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Undergraduate Catalog 2016-2017


2101 Van Munching Hall, 301-405-6330
Dean: Robert Orr
Assistant Dean(s): Nina P. Harris


The school currently offers both courses and co-curricular programs at the undergraduate level, as well as minors in Sustainability Studies and Public Leadership. Courses may be found under PUAF.  These courses are suggested for students wishing to develop knowledge and experience in public policy and leadership. The school also offers a 5-year bachelor's/master of public policy program for selected students. For additional information on the wide range of undergraduate opportunities see www.publicpolicy.umd.edu/current-students/undergraduate-programs .


Minor in Sustainability Studies

The minor in Sustainability Studies provides students the opportunity to learn how natural resources, human relationships, policies, economics, and the environment are related. The minor encourages critical thinking to creatively and positively address global challenges that affect future human populations, cultures, and the environment.  It will complement any major on campus, and provide both intellectual breadth and depth in a challenging area of inquiry that is gaining interest in businesses, government agencies, and non-governmental organizations.  Together with a major, the Sustainable Studies Minor will provide students with the critical thinking and problem-solving skills necessary to work on sustainability issues as citizens, employees, or graduate students.

The minor includes (a) one required course, AGNR/PUAF301: Sustainability; (b) one course from each of three approved course lists (for a total of 3 courses); and (c) and 3 credits comprised of an additional approved course, an internship, or an approved study abroad experience.

For more information, visit  www.publicpolicy.umd.edu/sust  or e-mail  susminor@umd.edu .

Minor in Public Leadership

The minor in Public Leadership will allow students to examine pressing issues (the global environment, democratization and human rights, crime and the penal system, diversity and affirmative action, poverty and inequality, and the quality of public education) facing leaders and will direct students to think critically about the viable solutions needed to solve problems which require effective leadership for the public good. In order to meet this need, the School proposes a minor to engage students in learning about leadership for the public good and effective citizenship. Additionally, the minor will serve as a feeder for the School’s graduate program.

For more information, visit www.publicpolicy.umd.edu/plminor or e-mail plminor@umd.edu .

Living-Learning Programs

Public Leadership Program in College Park Scholars

Public Leadership explores the theory and practice of leadership, empowering students to become social change agents through hands-on public service projects and examination of pressing social, political, and economic issues. Public Leadership is defined as “the inspiration and mobilization of others to undertake collective action in pursuit of the common good.”

Students become informed citizens able to reason critically and persuasively about public matters and to apply diverse approaches to leadership and citizenship in a multicultural society. Students learn to form an ethical vision and develop their own leadership potential as they explore and assess personal values, beliefs, and purpose.

Public Leadership is a community of students from all majors who are committed to developing their leadership skills for the common good. Through small classes and discussions, active learning, and living together in the shared community of Cumberland Hall, the Public Leadership program prepares students with a set of skills that will serve them in every aspect of their adult lives.

For more information see: www.publicpolicy.umd.edu/pl .

iGive: Carillon Community

The iGIVE program gives first year students an opportunity to learn about philanthropy, innovation, and social change through rigorous class work and hands-on experience. Through iGIVE, part of the Carillon Community, students live together in Easton Hall and develop camaraderie through hard work, shared interests, and common academic experiences. Over the course of the year, students study theories of philanthropy, design a philanthropic fund, award $10,000 to an area nonprofit, and design their own social action projects. The iGIVE courses are team-based, interactive, and provide an opportunity for students to work on issues they are passionate about. Students complete the year with an understanding of some of the world’s most pressing problems and the actions being taken to address them.  Most importantly, students will finish their freshman year having practiced social change and energized to use their talents to continue doing good. For more information see:  http://carillon.umd.edu .

Specialized Academic Programs

Rawlings Undergraduate Leadership Fellows Program

The prestigious Rawlings Undergraduate Leadership Fellows Program honors the legacy of Howard Peters "Pete" Rawlings and the work he did as a Maryland Delegate. Participants in the Fellows program are provided specialized opportunities to develop as leaders and become champions for those whose voices may otherwise go unheard in the leadership and decision-making process.  Maintaining a commitment to those historically underrepresented in leadership positions is central to this program.

Fellows develop community action projects, take courses on leadership, serve at an internship in government or the non-profit sector, and meet both elected officials and non-profit leaders.

For more information: www.publicpolicy.umd.edu/rulf

Financial Assistance

Senator John A. Cade Public Leadership Scholarship

Senator John A. Cade was one of Maryland's most extraordinary and exemplary public servants. As a member of the Maryland Senate from 1975-1996, his dedication to government, public service and education helped enhance the lives of his constituents.

"As much as any legislator, Jack Cade understood that it was education that made a difference. He was a champion for higher education funding throughout his career."
 --Senator Thomas V. Mike Miller, Jr.

This $2,000 scholarship was created to honor the memory of Senator John A. Cade by enabling students to carry on his legacy of public service and leadership.

Eligible candidates must:

  • be a current Maryland resident
  • be an undergraduate student
  • have a 3.0 GPA or higher
  • have an interest in public service, government involvement, or political leadership.

For more information: www.publicpolicy.umd.edu/current-students/undergraduate-programs/awards/cade

Rosalie Reilly Gubernatorial Fellowship

Rosalie Reilly was one of Maryland's most extraordinary and exemplary public servants who was a role model for young leaders as they prepared to enter public life.

This $2,500 fellowship was created to honor the memory of Ms. Reilly by enabling female students to carry on her legacy of public service and leadership. As a part of the fellowship, students commit to completing a project of significant impact to the community during their fellowship year.

Eligible candidates must:

  • be available to serve at least 135 fellowship
  • hours have an interest in public service, government involvement, or political leadership
  • be a female undergraduate or graduate student
  • have a 3.0 GPA or higher

For more information: www.publicpolicy.umd.edu/reilly

The Office of Student Financial Aid (OFSA) administers all types of federal, state, and institutional financial assistance programs and, in cooperation with other University offices, participates in the awarding of scholarships to deserving students. For more information, visit: www.financialaid.umd.edu .

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