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Undergraduate Catalog 2016-2017

Resource and Agricultural Policy in Economic Development

Agricultural and Resource Economics (AREC)
2200 Symons Hall

This minor provides students with the economic knowledge necessary for analysis and understanding of policies affecting agriculture and resource use in developing countries. The 400-level courses are a truncated version of the upper-level course requirements of the AREC major. These courses focus particularly on economic analysis relevant to agricultural and development policy. AREC365 is a course on world food supply and demand intended primarily for non-AREC majors. AREC250 is an introductory course giving students an overview of the subject.

AREC240 OR Introduction to Economics and the Environment OR 3
    AREC250     Elements of Agricultural and Resource Economics 3
AREC345 Global Poverty and Economic Development 3
AREC365 World Hunger, Population and Food Supplies 3
AREC433 Food and Agricultural Policy 3
AREC445 Agricultural Development, Population Growth, and the Environment 3
AREC453 Natural Resources and Public Policy 3
AREC422 Econometric Applications in Agricultural and Natural Resource Economics 3
AREC446 Sustainable Economic Development 3
  Please choose five courses from the list above.  Nine credits must be at the 300-400 level.
  Another AREC course can be substituted for one of the courses listed with permission of the Undergraduate Advisor.
  Total Credits 15


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