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Undergraduate Catalog 2016-2017


Geology (GEOL)
1115 Geology Building, 301-405-4365

Depending on the courses taken, there are a total of 16-18 credits required for the minor in Geophysics (also see prerequisites.)

GEOL100/110  Physical Geology/Lab, OR  4 
 GEOL120/110  Environmental Geology/Lab 4
  Any two of the following:  
    GEOL446 Geophysics  3 
    GEOL447 Observational Geophysics 3
    GEOL457 Seismology 3
  Two from:  
GEOL341 Structural Geology 4
GEOL412 Geology of the Terrestrial Planets 3
GEOL446 Geophysics (if not used to satisfy requirement above) 3
GEOL447 Observational Geophysics (if not used to satisfy requirement above) 3
GEOL455 Marine Geophysics 3
GEOL456 Engineering Geology 3
GEOL457 Seismology (if not used to satisfy requirement above) 3
GEOL499 Special Problems in Geology 3

All Geology minors are an appropriate disciplinary combination with Astronomy, Computer Science, Mathematics, or Physics majors within CMNS.  The minors are also appropriate for majors outside the college with appropriate matches including, but not limited to:

Geography/Remote Sensing (Surficial Geology)
Engineering and Material Sciences (Earth Material Properties)   
Evolutionary Biology and Physical Anthropology (Earth History)
Biology, Biological Diversity, and Ecology (Earth History, Hydrology)

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