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Undergraduate Catalog 2016-2017

Asian American Studies

Asian American Studies Program (AAST)

2117 Susquehanna Hall, 301-405-0996

Director: Janelle Wong, Ph.D.

In the Asian American Studies Program (AAST), students undertake an interdisciplinary and critical study of race, immigration, and political and social representation through examination of the experiences of Asian Americans. Students study the experiences of Asian Americans compared to and connected with other groups in the United States, as well as situated within a global and transnational context. Through this approach, students examine the histories, communities and cultures of Asian Americans as both distinctive and connected to the broader themes for diversity, ethnicity, race, gender, sexual orientation and migration in the Americas. AAST offers a 15 credit-hour minor. For the minor, courses may be cross-listed in other departments and some may satisfy general education requirements. 

Minor Requirements:


     1.      Introduction to Asian American Studies (AAST200/AMST298C) 


     2.      Asian American History (AAST201/HIST221/HIST219M/HIST219G)

B.  ELECTIVE COURSES (9 credits)

Three (3) additional AAST or other approved courses, two of which must be upper division and one must be comparative ethnic or global/transnational/international (see courses with an asterisk*).  Students may take a course not on this list with approval from the AAST Director. The following list of regular and special topics include:

AAST200 Introduction to Asian American Studies

AAST201 Asian American History

AAST223 Introduction to Asian American Literature

AAST222/HIST222 Immigration and Ethnicity in the United States

AAST443 Asian American Politics

AAST378 Experiential Learning

AAST388 Independent Research

AAST498M Asian American Public Policy

AAST498I Asian American Leadership

AAST498G  Asian American Women and Gender

AAST498O Asian American Health

*THET498D Special Topics in Theatre History from 1800 to Present: Asian American Theatre

*AAST498B Confucius’ Many Lives in East Asia and Asian America

*AASP499T Advanced Topics in Public Policy and the Black Community: Race, Poverty, Violence, and the Juvenile Justice System: A Theoretical and Contextual Analysis of Social Capital

*AASP202H Black Culture in the United States

*USLT498B Special Topics: Latinas/os and US Popular Culture

*USLT498B Special Topics: Latinas/os and Racial Formation

*EALL300 The Languages of East Asia

*ARTH290 Art and Society in Asia

*AAST498W/AMST498R Selected Topics in American Studies: Transnational American Studies

*ARTH489F Special Topics in Art History: Modern Chinese Film and Visual Culture

*ENGL428Y Seminar in Language and Literature: Authors of the Early Black Atlantic

*USLT202 Overview US Latino/a Studies

*PSYC354 Cross-Cultural Psychology

*300-Level Asian language course (only 1 language class can count toward AAST minor)


AAST 499 Senior Thesis. Prerequisite: AAST200 or AAST201. Restriction: Permission of instructor or enrolled in AAST minor. This advanced colloquium in Asian American Studies is designed as a senior seminar. The course offers an intensive learning experience and students are required to complete a thesis, applied research project, or take part in and write about a sustained community experience. 


One additional 400-level AAST course

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