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Undergraduate Catalog 2016-2017

Pre-Law Advising Program

0110 Hornbake Library, 301-405-2793

The Pre-Law Advising Office within Letters and Sciences serves all current and former students at the University of Maryland interested in pursuing law school and careers in law. The program provides students with law school planning, including individual and group advising, career preparation workshops, admission information, and much more. While law schools do not require, favor, or prefer specific majors, the pre-law advisor can provide guidance concerning the choice of major. Pre-law does not serve as an undergraduate major, nor does the program require completion of a specific academic curriculum.

Four-Year Baccalaureate Program

Most law schools require applicants to have received a Bachelor's degree prior to law school enrollment. A wide variety of majors give students an excellent foundation for law school. The student should select a major and plan an undergraduate experience in which they will be successful and helps them acquire skills that are essential in preparing to perform well on the LSAT, in law school, and ultimately as a lawyer. These skills include imaginative and coherent thinking, critical reasoning, accurate and perceptive reading, and a strong command of the spoken and written language, including grammar.

In some cases, law schools will consider truly outstanding applicants with only three years of academic work, as described below. Law schools do not require the completion of prerequisite courses for admission, but they do require that the student follow one of the standard academic majors offered at the student's undergraduate institution. The LSAT is offered four times per calendar year and is required of all applicants. More information on the LSAT and related admissions material may be found at www.lsac.org .

Three-Year Arts/Law Degree

The University of Maryland has cooperative agreements with the University of Baltimore School of Law and University of Maryland Francis King Carey School of Law. These agreements provide students at College Park, who are enrolled in any recognized major and meet certain qualifications, with the opportunity to apply to law school one year early. If accepted, the Three-Year Arts/Law Degree program allows students to begin their law school studies prior to their receipt of their baccalaureate degree. Instead, the University of Maryland, College Park awards these students their baccalaureate degree in Arts/Law upon satisfactory completion of the first year of law school.  Participation in this program at the University of Maryland, College Park and application to the University of Baltimore Law School or University of Maryland Francis King Carey School of Law under this program does not guarantee admission.

This program is only available with the University of Baltimore Law School and University of Maryland Francis King Carey School of Law and may not be an appropriate choice for all students. Students who consider this program should contact the pre-law advisor for more information or view the website, at www.prelaw.umd.edu .

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