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Undergraduate Catalog 2016-2017

Asian American Studies Program

Office of Undergraduate Studies
1145 Cole Student Activities Building, 301-405-0996

Note: The Certificate in Asian American Studies is suspended. Information on the Certificate is for reference only.

The Certificate in Asian American Studies involves students in critical study of the experiences of Asian Americans. Through an interdisciplinary approach, students examine the histories, communities, and cultures of Asian Americans as both distinctive from and connected to the broader themes for diversity, ethnicity, race, gender and migration in the Americas.

Requirements for Certificate:
The Certificate in Asian American Studies requires at least 21 credits: 6 credits in core courses (AAST200 and AAST201); 12 credits in elective courses (from among AAST offerings or, with program approval, from among courses offered outside AAST); and a capstone course of 3 credits (AAST378 or AAST388). Students must earn a grade of "C-" or better in any course that counts toward the Certificate in Asian American Studies.

Note:  The Certificate in Asian American Studies was suspended beginnning fall 2009. The Asian American Studies Program currently offers a 15-credit academic minor; see Chapter 6 for details on the Asian American Studies Minor.

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