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Undergraduate Catalog 2016-2017

Pre-Occupational Therapy

1210 HJ Patterson Hall, 301 405 7805

The Pre-Occupational Therapy track prepares students for entrance into a professional curriculum for Occupational Therapy at institutions that offer professional advanced degrees, including master or doctoral degrees. Community colleges and technical schools offer associate degrees or certificates to students who wish to become occupational therapy assistants. Some colleges offer Bachelor degrees in Occupational Therapy, while others offer combined Bachelor and Master degree programs.

Students who wish to enter the occupational therapy profession may choose from several educational paths; they should thoroughly research the different options to determine the best path to their career goals. University of Maryland students have the option of completing a four-year degree at College Park, in their selected major, in addition to completing occupational therapy prerequisites. They may then choose to complete a Post-Bachelor certificate, Master of Science or doctoral degree in Occupational Therapy offered by professional schools. Some states require a degree in occupational therapy prior to approving licensure to work as an occupational therapist in that state. The certificate cannot substitute for a degree. Students should become familiar with the laws of the state(s) in which they wish to work if they choose to pursue a certificate rather than a degree.

Prerequisites may change; students are strongly encouraged to contact professional programs for the most current requirements. The American Occupational Therapy Association maintains specific information about individual program prerequisites. See www.aota.org .

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