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Undergraduate Catalog 2016-2017


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The Pre-Nursing track prepares students for entrance into a professional curriculum for Nursing at institutions that offer Bachelor of Science in Nursing programs. Pre-Nursing is not a degree-granting program at the University of Maryland, College Park. A Baccalaureate degree program for a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (B.S.N.) follows a 2+2 model also known as a Traditional Baccalaureate program. Students may complete two years of prerequisite courses at the University of Maryland, College Park, and then apply for admission into a professional school to complete two years of professional course work, which includes classroom, laboratory, and clinical education. Prerequisite courses are not limited to two years and can be completed in three years.

University of Maryland College Park/University of Maryland School of Nursing Guaranteed Admission Pathway: First time Freshmen admitted to University of Maryland College Park are eligible to participate in a guaranteed admission pathway with the University of Maryland School of Nursing. Students may be admitted directly into the pathway upon admission to University of Maryland, College Park or may enter the pathway after matriculation. Students must complete pre-requisite coursework earning a 3.25 overall and a 3.0 in the required science coursework in order to maintain eligibility for guaranteed admission to University of Maryland School of Nursing where the rest of their training is completed. For more information visit www.prehealth.umd.edu .

University of Maryland students also have the option of completing a four-year degree at College Park in their selected major, in addition to completing approximately twenty to twenty-five credits of nursing prerequisites. This is the Second Degree or Accelerated Second Degree model. In this model, students complete degree requirements in their chosen major, as well as the nursing prerequisites for entrance into an accelerated B.S.N. or C.N.L. program. The institution offering the program confers a Bachelor of Science in Nursing or Clinical Nurse Leader (Masters of Science) upon completion of the program.

Prerequisites may change; students are strongly encouraged to contact professional programs for the most current requirements. The American Association of Colleges of Nursing maintains specific information about individual nursing program prerequisites. 

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