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Undergraduate Catalog 2016-2017

Second Language Education

Teaching and Learning, Policy and Leadership (TLPL)

2311 Benjamin Building, 301-405-3324

The minor in Second Language Education provides opportunities for undergraduate subject area majors to complete a sequence of courses that helps them prepare for careers as teachers of English as a second language in US schools and/or prepare them for roles as teachers of English as a foreign language in international settings.   If the undergraduate pursuing the minor desires to enter the ESOL teacher preparation track, the candidate may apply for the Five Year Integrated Program option or the one year MCERT Program option; in either case, satisfactorily completed courses in the minor that meet program requirements will be applied to the certification program requirements. Individuals should consult with an advisor in Student Services to identify the most appropriate option leading to teacher certification and to review the specific admission requirements associated with that program.  

The minor in Second Language Education includes coursework from Curriculum and Instruction and Human Development.  The curriculum provides a foundation in second language learning and pedagogy, adolescent learning, cross-cultural issues and understanding, and curricular and pedagogical issues which support reading and writing in a second language context.   A number of the courses include field components that provide candidates with direct experience in working with second language learners.  The minor incorporates coursework required for TESOL certification from the Maryland State Department of Education.

Courses required for the minor are:

 EDCI437  English Grammar Pedagogy for Teachers of English Language Learners  3
 EDCI432  Issues in the Education of English Language Learners  3
 EDHD413  Adolescent Development  3
 EDCI434*  Pedagogy of Teaching English Language Learners  3
 EDCI435*  Teaching English Language Learners Reading and Writing in the Secondary Content Areas  3
 EDCI436  Understanding Cross Cultural Communication for Teaching English Language Learners  3

 * courses that include required field experiences

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