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Undergraduate Catalog 2016-2017

Management (M&O)

The Robert H. Smith School of Business
1570 Van Munching Hall, 301-405-2286
Chair: K. Bartol, P. Dastidar (Assoc Dept Chair)
Professors: K. Bartol, C. Beckman, G. Chen, A. Gupta, H. Liao, D. Shapiro, M. Taylor, R. Tronetti
Associate Professors: S. Braguinsky (Assoc Prof), W. Ding, B. Goldfarb, D. Kirsch, M. Seo, C. Stevens, S. Tangirala, D. Waguespack
Assistant Professors: M. Pitesa, E. Starr (Asst Prof), V. Venkataramani
Lecturers: J. Aberman, H. Aelion (Lecturer), P. Cleveland, N. Coomber, P. Dastidar, M. Geppi, C. Graser, W. Knight, D. Kressler, J. Kudisch, G. Langa, N. Moye, R. Muller, P. Prochno, J. Russell, J. Sanders, O. Schlake, A. Sherman, P. Silverman, J. Spina, L. Spina, H. Weiser (Lecturer), M. Wellman
Professors Emeriti: J.R. Baum, S. Carroll, M. Gannon, R. Lamone, E. Locke, H. Sims

The Major

The Management and Organization department offers the Management major (includes an Entrepreneurship Track).  Students attending the Smith School at Shady Grove can only declare the Entrepreneurship Track of the Management major ( www.rhsmith.umd.edu/undergrad/shadygrove/ ).

The Management major develops students' knowledge and expertise to manage complex, established enterprises or guide start-up ventures in their formative years. The management major provides the flexibility of choosing courses across different areas of interest within the department, encompassing strategic management, entrepreneurship, organizational behavior and human resources. Consequently, students can mold a curriculum that spans issues of managing the internal processes of firms and considerations of strategic advantage— for young and growing, and established organizations. The major will serve students with a range of career objectives: (1) those who seek leadership positions focusing on employees in organizations; (2) those interested in consulting in the area of organizational effectiveness or management consulting more generally; (3) those interested in leveraging their "entrepreneurial mindset," whether in a corporate setting, a family business, or at an early stage and (4) those interested in balancing a more technical academic and business backgrounds with greater depth in understanding behavioral and management expertise.

Admission to the Major

See Robert H. Smith School of Business entry in chapter 6 for admission requirements.

Requirements for the Major

Management majors at the at the College Park campus are offered the Standard and Entrepreneurship major tracks, and students attending the Shady Grove campus are offered the Entrepreneurship track of the Management major. Course requirements for the junior-senior curriculum concentration of the Management major are as follows:

Common Courses of all Management Majors: (12 credits)
BMGT363 Leadership and Teamwork in Organizations 3cr
BMGT360 Strategic Management of Human Capital 3cr

One of the following (International Requirement): (3credits)
BMGT463 Cross-Cultural Challenges in Business
BMGT466 Global Business Strategy, OR
   BMGT469 Management and Organization Short-term Study Aboard

One of the following (Ethics Requirement): 3credits
BMGT496 Business Ethics and Society, OR
   BMGT411 Ethics and Professionalism in Accounting (for those who are double majoring in Accounting)

In addition to the 12 credits of management major requirements listed above, management majors must complete 6-9 credits in one of the tracks listed below.

STANDARD TRACK (offered only at College Park campus)
Two of the following courses (6 cr):
BMGT461 Entrepreneurship 3cr
BMGT463 Cross-Cultural Challenges in Business (if not selected from above) 3cr
BMGT464 Organizational Change 3cr
BMGT466 Global Business Strategy (if not selected from above) 3cr
BMGT468 Special Topics in Management 3cr
BMGT469 Management and Organization Short-term Study Aboard (maximum of 3 credits, the same abroad experience cannot fulfill both the International Requirement and a Standard Track requirement, they must be unique experiences) 3cr

ENTREPRENEURSHIP TRACK - (offered at the Smith School at Shady Grove and College Park campuses)
All of the following courses (9 cr):
BMGT 361 - Entrepreneurship: Starting and Managing the Entrepreneurial Venture (or BMGT461 Entrepreneurship) 3cr
BMGT 365 - Entrepreneurial Finance & Private Equity 3cr
BMGT 465 - Business Plan For The New Venture 3cr

Total Major Requirements 18/21 cr


General advising for students admitted to the Smith School of Business is available Monday through Friday in the Office of Undergraduate Programs, 1570 Van Munching Hall, 301-405-2286, undergradinfo@deans.umd.edu . It is recommended that students visit this office each semester to ensure that they are informed about current requirements and procedures. Transfer students entering the university can be advised during spring, summer, and fall transfer orientation programs. Contact the Orientation Office for further information, 301-314-8217.

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