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Undergraduate Catalog 2016-2017

Comparative Literature Program (CMLT)

College of Arts and Humanities
2116 Tawes Hall, 301-405-3839
Chair: A. Bailey
Director: S. Jelen
Professors: M. Collins (English), S. Ray (English), B. Richardson (English), O. Wang (English)
Associate Professors: H. Baer (German), R. Bauer (English), C. Eades (French), S. Jelen (English and Jewish Studies), Z. Nunes (English), R. Ontiveros (English), E. Papazian (Russian), G. Passannante (English), V. Valiavitcharska (English), E. Zakim (Jewish Studies)
Assistant Professors: L. Arsenjuk (Film), S. Balachandran Orihuela (English), O. Gaycken (English)
Lecturers: E. Robinson (English)
Affiliate Professors: W. Cohen (English), L. Doherty (Classics), J. Hallett (Classics), R. Igel (Spanish), F. Keshavarz-Karamustafa (Arabic Studies), J. Levinson (Philosophy), V. Orlando (French)
Affiliate Associate Professors: F. Carpenter (Theater), A. Frisch (French), R. Long (Spanish), M. Mason (East Asian Studies)
Affiliate Assistant Professors: V. Anishchenkova (Arabic Studies), F. Barrenechea (Classics), A. Schonebaum (Chinese)
Professors Emeriti: A. Berlin, R. Harrison, C. Peterson

Program Objectives

Courses in Comparative Literature offer students the opportunity to engage in literary and film studies outside of a single national or linguistic range.  Students with expertise in/or interest in multiple languages and cultures may take courses that help them to contextualize different literary and artistic traditions within a global rubric.  Courses on Literature and Global Change, World Literature by Women, Black Diaspora, Literature of the Americas, and Film Art in a Global Society, among other courses, cultivate a sense of the transnational nature of cultural production and consumption. Knowledge of a language other than English is not required.

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