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Undergraduate Catalog 2016-2017

Teaching and Learning, Policy and Leadership (TLPL)

The Department of Teaching and Learning, Policy and Leadership is one of three newly formed departments within the College of Education. It is a union of former units Curriculum and Instruction (EDCI), Education Policy Studies (EDPS) and Organizational Leadership and Policy Studies (OLPS). Interrelated program areas currently include: Art Integration, Curriculum Theory and Development, Education Policy, Elementary Education, English Education, Literacy Education, Mathematics Education, Middle School Education, Minority and Urban Education, Organizational Leadership, Reading Education, Science Education, Second Language/TESOL, Social Studies Education, Professional Development/Teacher Education, and Sociocultural Foundations of Education.

Most of the College's teacher preparation programs (including elementary, middle, and secondary education) are housed in TLPL.  Additional departmental programs encourage thoughtful and responsive explorations of education policies, practices and related social issues. Graduate students are prepared to create and critique alternative courses of action to enhance the quality of education for all persons and to redress the social conditions that restrict collective democratic aspirations.

The Department offers undergraduate and graduate study leading to the Bachelor of Arts (BA), Bachelor of Science (BS), Master of Arts (MA) (thesis and non-thesis options), Master of Education (MEd), Doctor of Education (EdD) and Doctor of Philosophy (PhD).

Curriculum and Instruction - Middle School (EDCI)
Curriculum and Instruction - Elementary Education (EDCI)
Curriculum and Instruction - Secondary Education (EDCI)
Education, Second Language
Education, Secondary
Secondary Education Certificate

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